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Pediatric physipediatric girl on ballcal therapy utilizes many principles of standard physical therapy, but more geared toward children ages birth to 21. Patients will receive a thorough evaluation, analysis of function and a detailed, patient specific treatment plan that is relevant for the patient and family. Adaptive equipment will also be assessed to ensure maximal benefit, appropriate fit and proper function.


The exercises provided are geared toward the primary work of children- Play! The goal of physical therapy is to promote and encourage patient independence to improve learning opportunities and help reduce caregiver assistance and burden. This is achieved through play based activities to improve strength, coordination, endurance, motor development and motor function.


Frequently treated diagnoses:


Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Developmental Delay


Congenital and genetic abnormalities

Orthopedic injuries


Frequently addressed issues:

Gross motor delays

Movement disorders

Excessive or diminished muscle tone

Muscle weakness

Balance issues and poor coordination

Gait deficits


Assistive technology management:



Adaptive seating

Standing frames

Adaptive walkers

Hospital beds